Flash Flood Print Studios emerged from a passion for unparalleled design and quality coupled with the intimate charm of hands-on craftsmanship. In the balmy summer of 2012, two ambitious and inspired creatives joined forces to realize their shared dream: a full service screen printing studio to lead the industry in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their drive led to the opening of a community-oriented studio, now located in the historic Kendall-Whittier neighborhood.



At Flash Flood Print Studios, we aim to provide exceptional screen printing and design services for both textiles and flat stock. We are here to  tastefully satisfy your demands and skillfully exceed your expectations


As proud members of the Tulsa creative community, we strive to foster an environment which encourages ceaseless expansion of knowledge and expertise. Printing is our life and we are committed to honing our craft.


First, we work tirelessly to be the best printers we can be. Second, we work closely with you to ensure your creative vision is accurately realized. The result? We stay ahead of the game and at the top of your favorites list.


May Yang

May Yang has a BFA in Graphic Design and Printmaking from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a Professional Printer's Certificate from the Tamarind Institute of Lithography.

Outside of her work at Flash Flood, May creates mixed media artwork that combines her love of screen printing, graphic design, drawing, painting and collage. She has exhibited works both in-state and beyond.

May enjoys watching terrible TV to unwind, can't pick a favorite color to save her life, and is always on a quest for the perfect mac and cheese recipe.



Nick Nold has made a name for himself in the commercial screen printing community through ten years of reliable, high quality work in an industry where details are often ignored. 

His printing expertise has been commissioned by a variety of esteemed businesses ranging from the small and local to the internationally known. Previous clients include Cain's Ballroom, Soundpony, Dwelling Spaces, and Hilti.

Nick enjoys drawing cute things, tending bar and telling silly jokes.


Jessica Hermann

Chances are, if you've given us a call, you've heard Jessica's cheerful voice. She's usually the first person you'll see when you come by and that's no mistake! She's helpful, generous, keeps the studio clean/organized and all of us on task.

Jess loves people, dancing, catching choice moments for our studio Instagram, and is a total Buenohead. She is the most devoted mom to Bob, her sweet pitbull.




Voted most popular member of Flash Flood, many of our clients make special trips just to visit with our furry friend. It's okay, you can admit it – you're here just for him!


Daniel stanfield

Daniel has 15 years of design experience in various fields such as logo and t-shirt design, and hand lettering. He currently assists Flash Flood with graphic design, as well as preparing client art for production. 

In his free time, Daniel makes music with his wife (Black Salt), paints and listens to dark minimal techno. 

Daniel does not enjoy stretched out fonts and pullover hoodies.